Palestinian and Israeli Students Get Along at Camp in Maine

I've always believed that people from different countries, cultures, and religions could get along if given the opportunity to talk and get to know each other. Granted there are some that want to hate no matter what, but in general, I believe that people want to get along. I think it is part of being human.

Seeds of Peace brings teenagers from conflicting areas together to get to know and understand each other. Click here to read about how Palestinian and Jewish teenagers are forging friendships at a summer camp in Maine.

Be prepared to smile : Lessons My Father Taught Me

I am humbled by the review my book, Lessons My Father Taught Me received.

"Introducing one of the most beautiful, inspirational, and smile provoking short books I have read. Lessons My Father Taught Me by Alan R. Cohen is a guide to living a happy, positive life through the eyes of the author taught to him through his father."

Click here to read the complete review.

Lessons My Father Taught Me

My dad was a smart man. He wasn't a scientist, doctor, or lawyer. He worked at the local post office as a financial clerk. My dad had the rare intelligence of knowing how to work with people and enjoying working with people. He saw the world through a lens of humor.

Lessons My Father Taught Me gives you advice about how to enjoy life. Each lesson uses the humorous style that my dad used to taught my brother and I these simple lessons.

Bei Mir Bist Du Shein

My favorite Jewish song is Bei Mir Bist Du Shein (To Me You Look Lovely). This is one of the songs that I will talk about at my Jewish MusicalConversations at the Chabad Center in Milford MA. on Saturday evening, March 15th. The song was written by Shalom Secunda and Jacob Jacobs for the Yiddish comedy musical, I Would If I Could. The song became a hit by an unknown group at the time called The Andrew Sisters.

What does it mean to look lovely? Is it a movie star? An athlete? A rabbi with a beard and payot? A grandmother with her grandchildren? Whenever the Torah and our sages describe the beauty of a person, it is referring to this kind of beauty that describes a completeness of both body and soul.

Let's listen to one of many interpretations of this beautiful song.  A different version will be heard at the Chabad Center.

Your Kosher Body

Kosher food must pass a strict inspection process to ensure that it meets a certain standard. Prayer, Talmud, or bible study, using the tenets of religion to be a better person, ensures that our spiritual side reaches a certain standard. We take care of our mind and our spirit. Sometimes, however, we forget about our body and our health. I am one of those people. If our mind is the energy that makes a temple function, our body is the structure that supports that temple. Just as a temple needs walls and a roof for support, a person needs mind, spirit, and his or her health; he or she needs to take care of their body.

I'm overweight. I joke that my clothes shrink, that carrot cake is a vegetable, and that I am a passing vegetarian - I am a vegetarian until I pass a McDonalds. I know that eating healthy food is important. I love to cook and can cook healthy meals. I can walk 5 miles without resting and I always pass stress tests.

So why am I overweight? I spend more time writing and thinking than exercising. I haven't given my health as much priority as I should. My health and eating healthy should be a top priority; it should not take second place to work. The balance is not there.

I've made a commitment to eating healthy and exercising. I'm incorporating real fruits and vegetables into my diet and I'm saying goodbye to fast food and junk food. I'm also exercising more. I'm making my body kosher.